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Agri 10km battery or mains

Agri 10km solar

Agri 1km solar with internal battery

Agri 20km battery or mains

Agri 25km solar

Agri 30km battery or mains

Agri 3km solar with internal battery

Agri 50km battery or mains

Agri 50km solar

Agri 5km battery or mains

Agri 5km solar with internal battery

Agri 8km solar with internal battery

Buckle joiner 40mm tapes

Busbar insulator

Compression spring standard and medium tension

Cut out switch

Double pole lightning protection

Druid 10 relay expansion card

Druid 114LCD

Druid 13LCD

Druid 15LCD

Druid 18LCD

Druid 25LCD

Druid 28LCD

Druid controller FG7

Druid fence probe software

Druid four-zone keypad

Druid Nemlink card

Druid network IO card

Druid one-zone keypad

Druid RS485 comms card

Druid synchronisation module

Earth spike copper clad

Earth spike galvanised

Earthing kit

Fence Scope multi tool

Flood gate controller

Galvanised spring 3.5m

Gate contact

Gate contact mounting bracket

Gate handle 40mm poly tape kit

Gate handle with spring 1.5 m

Horse 20km with LCD remote

Intermediate Y-picket HDG post

LCD energizer programmer

Mains power adaptor 12VDC

Merlin 4i

Merlin multi-mode fibre card

Merlin RS232-485 cards

Merlin Stealth M15S

Merlin Stealth M18S

Merlin Stealth M25S

Merlin Stealth M28S

Merlin Stealth M28S-X

Merlin Stealth Master

Merlin Stealth single-zone keypad

Merlin Stealth two-zone keypad

Modulus 2 way bracket

Modulus 3 way bracket

Modulus and Jurassic hooks

Modulus end cap 2 way

Modulus end cap 3 way

Modulus mounting bracket

Modulus slide insulators

Modulus space insulator

Multi-mode fibre convertor

Mylar screen 3 core cable

Omega end and corner bracket

Omega intermediate bracket pre-galvanised

Omega spacer

Pet 3km battery or mains

Pigtail posts

Single pole lightning protection

Single-mode fibre convertors

Solar panel 10W

Solar panel 140W

Solar panel 20W

Solar panel 3W

Solar panel 40W

Solar panel 90W

Solar panel mounting bracket

Solar panel wires

Solar Regulator

Solid aluminium alloy wire

Solid aluminium alloy wire agri

Solid galvanised wire

Solid stainless steel wire

Stranded aluminium wire

Stranded aluminium wire agri

Stranded galvanised wire

Stranded stainless steel wire

Taut wire controller FG7

Taut wire node

Taut wire sensor

Tread in posts 1200mm black

Tread in posts 1200mm white

Wizord 2i

Wizord 4i

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