Druid Dual Zone Keypad

The Druid dual zone energizers can also be controlled and programmed with the optional LED dual zone keypad. The energizer can be installed near the fence and the keypad can be located where it is most convenient for the user

Installer manual Druid 25LCD, 28LCD
User manual Druid 25LCD and 28LCD


  • Up to two keypads can be connected to one energizer
  • The fence voltage outputs can be adjusted using the keypad
  • The siren and gate outputs can be bypassed using the keypad
  • The dual zone keypad can be used with either of these energizer models: D25LCD, D28LCD


Peso 0.202 kg

L130mm X 105mm X H30mm




12V (from the energiser)

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EE-DR.LCD/KP/2ZDruid Dual Zone Keypad