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Nemtek Merlin Fence Probe software

Nemtek Merlin Fence Probe is software that provides computer interaction with one or more electric fence sites. Visual map images of the electric fences and their zones can be displayed on a computer screen. This software allows a site to be controlled from a remote location.

  • Can control a multitude of sites. Each site will require a Sage Controller
  • The status of each fence zone can be monitored and recorded and commands can be sent to the energizers
  • Setup Wizard makes configuration easy
  • Logs containing system details are recorded
  • Fence Probe software is available in 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 or 320 zone packages. These zones are not limited to one specific site but can be located on various sites.

Please contact us for stock availability and pricing on any Nemtek Security products.

Stock Code Name
E-NNP4/10 Nemtek Fence Probe V5 10Z Multi Site MTO
E-NNP4/160 Nemtek Fence Probe V5 160Z Multi Site MTO
E-NNP4/20 Nemtek Fence Probe V5 20Z Multi Site MTO
E-NNP4/320 Nemtek Fence Probe V5 320Z Multi Site MTO
E-NNP4/40 Nemtek Fence Probe V5 40Z Multi Site MTO
E-NNP4/80 Nemtek Fence Probe V5 80Z Multi Site MTO

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