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Square tube Jurassic bracket

Nemtek brackets are made to a high standard to maximise security and ensure long life in the field. The level of security achieved is directly affected by the choice of bracket, the number of wires forming the electrical barrier and the distance between the brackets. Nemtek offers a large range of brackets to suit most wall types and applications. They are made from steel and are finished in a high quality outdoor powder coating, or are hot-dip galvanised for coastal conditions. Our factory can manufacture different types of designs and finishes on request.


• 20 x 20 x 1.6 mm square tube
• Straight and angled
• 6, 8 or 10 wires
• Hot dip galvanised or hot dip galvanised and powder coated finish
• 995 mm, 1195 mm or 1395 mm long
• Associated insulator: Jurassic insulator slotted
• Ideal for coastal use

Please contact us for stock availability and pricing on any Nemtek Security products.

Stock Code Name
ESQJ-10HDBA/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-10W-Blk- Ang-HDG-Slot
ESQJ-10HDBS/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-10W-Blk-STR-HDG-Slot
ESQJ-10HDWA/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-10W-Wht-Ang-HDG-Slot
ESQJ-10HDWS/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-10W-Wht-STR-HDG-Slot
ESQJ-6HDBA/PC SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-6W HD Ang PC BB-MTO
ESQJ-6HDBA/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-6W HD ANG BB-SLOT
ESQJ-6HDBS/PC SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-6W HD Str PC BB-MTO
ESQJ-6HDBS/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-6W HD STR BB-SLOT
ESQJ-8HDBA/PC SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-8W HD ANG PC BB-MTO
ESQJ-8HDBA/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-8W HD ANG BB-SLOT
ESQJ-8HDBS/PC SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-8W HD STR PC BB-MTO
ESQJ-8HDBS/S SQ 20*20*1.6mm-Jur-8W HD STR BB-SLOT

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