home security solutions

Nemtek’s extensive range of quality and innovative security electric fencing products work to ensure the safety of your home. Our robust fences act as a deterrent to criminals, and provide you with advanced warning, should the fence be tampered with or compromised.

Economical, reliable and effective designs have been our focus over the past twenty-five years, ensuring exceptional electric fence performance on a daily basis. Nemtek's range offers innovative solutions for many types of residential application, with numerous styles available so that you can choose an aesthetically-pleasing design.

Case studies


Electric security fence delivers peace of mind

An elderly married couple residing in Johannesburg were recently held up at gun point in their home. With only some of their belongings stolen, they did not want to risk living in fear of the culprits returning for the rest.

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Monitored electric fence provides home security

A single young woman had recently purchased a home which had no security installed. Living on her own, installing a security solution that had an advanced warning feature was a high priority for her, both to act as a deterrent to any intruders, and to allow her to be able to react in time should an intrusion occur.

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