Peace of Mind for Your Game Farm

Electric Fencing for your Game Farm – and for Peace of Mind

Nemtek’s specialised range of electric game fencing effectively controls wild animals, providing a physical and electrical barrier. When an animal encounters the fence, it receives a safe but memorable electric shock which deters them from attempting to cross. Nemtek manufactures a complete solution of electrical fencing products, such as energizers, fence wires, insulators, and other accessories used to create and maintain these electric fences.

Electric fencing can effectively control game animals and minimise endangered animals’ poaching in several ways:

• In wildlife reserves and protected areas, electric fencing can create boundaries that prevent animals from leaving the site.
• In agricultural areas, electric fencing can keep wild animals away from crops and livestock, reducing the need for hunting or trapping to control animal populations.
• In residential areas, electric fencing can keep wild animals away from homes and built-up regions, reducing the risk of human-animal conflicts.

Smart electric fencing, which uses advanced sensors and monitoring technology to detect a fault on the fence can be particularly effective in reducing the poaching of endangered animals. These systems can alert rangers or other authorities in real time, allowing for rapid response to any potential poaching activity.

Overall, electric fencing products can be an effective tool for controlling game animals and minimising the poaching of endangered animals, helping to protect these species from illegal hunting and other forms of harm.

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