Peace of Mind for Your Residential Estate or Complex

Nemtek offers Peace of Mind for Your Residential Estate or Complex

Estate living provides freedom of movement within the secure area of the estate, allowing residents to enjoy their property without feeling confined.

One of the unique features of Nemtek electric fencing is the integration of perimeter alarm lights. These lights are strategically placed along the fence and are triggered when the fence is activated. This helps to improve visibility at night, making it easier to detect intrusions and identify potential threats. The lights also act as a deterrent, warning potential intruders that the fence is active and that they are being monitored. This helps improve the estate’s security, providing residents and property owner’s peace of mind.

The dual light modules are weather-resistant and durable, ensuring they can withstand harsh conditions and continue to function effectively. They are also energy-efficient, which helps to reduce the overall cost of operating the electric fencing system. Furthermore, the lights can be programmed to turn off during certain night hours, allowing residents to enjoy a more peaceful and quieter environment. Overall, Nemtek electric fencing with perimeter alarm lights provides a comprehensive security solution that helps to keep the estate secure while maintaining the quality of life for residents.

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