Animal Management solutions

Nemtek’s extensive range of quality and innovative Animal Management electric fencing solutions help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your animals. We can provide solutions to cater for most farm types, be it stud and cattle or sheep or goat, and farm sizes, from small lifestyle blocks through to larger stations.

Our range of products are robustly designed and manufactured from top quality materials to ensure longevity and peak performance.

Case studies


Portable electric fence enclosure for cattle farm

Nemtek are regularly approached by farmers who require strip grazing solutions for cattle and other livestock such as sheep and goats. A cattle farmer required an easy to install, portable strip grazing enclosure for his cattle to graze selected areas on the farm on a weekly basis

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Temporary electric fencing for sheep farm strip grazing

Nemtek was approached by a sheep farmer for a strip grazing solution so that his sheep could be confined to graze on specific areas of his planted and irrigated grass fields.

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