Double Up Your Energizer Battery Power and Longevity

Product Feature: Double Up Your Energizer’s Battery Power and Longevity

Energizer Battery

Did you know that you can upgrade the current lead acid battery in both your energizer and power pack to Nemtek’s new 7Ah lithium batteries?

By changing to lithium, you increase the lifespan of your energizer battery and decrease its replacement rate as lithium provides many years of serviceability. Simply switch out the batteries when you’re ready to replace them, connect them up and let them do the rest.

Not only will the power pack keep your energizer running for longer during outages, but the rapid charging feature more than doubles the rate of charge once the power is restored. This means that as your energizer charges, not only will your power pack recharge its battery quickly, but it will also help your energizer to recharge its battery faster and ready for that next power cut.

Having a power pack connected will also increase the battery’s lifespan on your energizer, as the energizer battery now shares the load with an additional power pack battery.

Check out our 2Amp Power Pack and 7Ah Lithium battery today!

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