Keep Your Security Powered Up for Longer Power Outages

Keep Your Security Powered Up for Longer Power Outages

Keep Your Security Powered Up for Longer during Power Outages – Get your 2Amp Power Pack Today!

power pack for energizers

Power cuts can occur often and, at times, without warning. Not only will the power pack keep your energizer running for twice as long during power outages, but the rapid charging feature of the power pack more than doubles the rate of charge when power is restored. This means that as your energizer charges, your power pack will not only recharge itself quickly, but it will also assist the energizer to recharge faster.

Installing a Nemtek power pack with a built-in battery can easily double your current energizer battery backup time, seeing you through most power outages. Simply install it near your existing energizer, connect it, and let it do the rest.

Having a power pack connected will also increase the lifespan of the energizer’s battery as it now shares the load with the additional power pack battery.


  • 2Amp power 13.8V battery backup power supply
  • Housing includes a compartment for the 7Ah battery
  • Lightning and power surge protection
  • Easy to install with any Nemtek security energizer

Be prepared and ensure your electric fence stays powered during power outages, giving you and your family continued peace of mind.

Energizers for Electric Fences

Energizers for Electric Fences

Everything you need to know about Energizers for Electric Fences

What is an energizer and how does it work?

An energizer for an electric fence (security or animal management) is used to convert battery or mains power into electrical current pulses which are sent down the fence. The energizer sends out pulses instead of a continuous current to eliminate the risk of dangerous shocks that could be received and allows the animal or person to step away/let go of the electric fence. Nemtek security energizers have the functionality to monitor the fence wires and can alert you, in the form of an alarm, if anything changes in the condition of the electric fence.

The fence circuit remains closed and the pulses flow through the fence until one of two events happen: there is an open circuit or a short circuit. An open circuit happens when a live wire is cut and the current is disrupted which sends the energizer into alarm. A short circuit can occur when either a person or animal touches a live wire and completes the circuit by the current flowing through them into the ground and earth spike, or when an earth and live wire touch when someone is trying to climb over the fence. This will also send the energizer into alarm. Without an energizer, an electric fence is just a couple of wires or a passive barrier.

Things to consider when selecting an energizer:

  1. Which industry are you addressing?

This will determine what type of energizer you will use. For example, a residential fence may require one zone of 150m whereas a high-security fence may require multiple smaller zones for patrolling.

  1. How many zones do you require?

This depends on the length of the fence and the zone lengths required.

  1. How the information is displayed.
  • On the energizer LED
  • On the energizer LCD
  • On a keypad
  • On a touchpad display, generally used with multi-zone systems
  • On a PC in a control room, large systems
  1. Joule rating of the energizer

The higher the joule rating, the higher the energy that an energizer can deliver into a load.

The Nemtek difference Energizers, electric fence energizers

Nemtek designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of innovative and intelligent electronic perimeter control systems that are easy to install and use. We supply both the security and animal management industries with high-quality products, which have been thoroughly tested in a competitive market. We are so confident in our range that they come with a two-year warranty.

Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT) pioneered by Nemtek, our energizers are capable of detecting how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy. This maximises the power on the fence and minimises false alarms.

We specialise in the research, development and manufacture of electric fence energizers and related products. This includes medium- to high-powered units. Full SABS and IEC reports are available on request.

Browse the Nemtek security energizer range here and the animal management range here.