Keep Your Security Powered Up for Longer Power Outages

Keep Your Security Powered Up for Longer during Power Outages – Get your 2Amp Power Pack Today!

power pack for energizers

Power cuts can occur often and, at times, without warning. Not only will the power pack keep your energizer running for twice as long during power outages, but the rapid charging feature of the power pack more than doubles the rate of charge when power is restored. This means that as your energizer charges, your power pack will not only recharge itself quickly, but it will also assist the energizer to recharge faster.

Installing a Nemtek power pack with a built-in battery can easily double your current energizer battery backup time, seeing you through most power outages. Simply install it near your existing energizer, connect it, and let it do the rest.

Having a power pack connected will also increase the lifespan of the energizer’s battery as it now shares the load with the additional power pack battery.


  • 2Amp power 13.8V battery backup power supply
  • Housing includes a compartment for the 7Ah battery
  • Lightning and power surge protection
  • Easy to install with any Nemtek security energizer

Be prepared and ensure your electric fence stays powered during power outages, giving you and your family continued peace of mind.