Electric Fence Installer Training

Learn Something New in 2022 With Our electric Fence Installer Training

Nemtek Electric Fence Installer TrainingWhether you are starting out as an installer needing to know the basics, or a seasoned veteran looking to become a certified installer and issue Certificates of Compliance (COC), we have the training course for you!
We are excited to launch our new Nemtek Training Academy page where you can book and pay for all courses, including our new online Module 1 self-study course that you can complete whenever and wherever it suits you.

Module 1: Installation of an electric fence – Hardware and introduction to security energizers

Starting out in the industry and want to know more about installing electric fences and energizers? Then this is the module for you. We cover all the hardware required for an installation of both wall-top and free-standing electric fencing, planning of the installation, choosing the correct product, and calculating costs. We also introduce you to security energizers.

Module 2: Energizers and programming

This module is for those involved in the installation process and programming of energizers and covers the electronic side of security energizers. It includes an introduction to the range of Nemtek Security energizers and the programming thereof as well as energizer specifications. This is a hands-on course and is recommended for everyone involved in the installation and programming of energizers.

Module 3: In-depth knowledge of electric fencing and networking

This module covers Multi-zone systems, networkable energizers and the programming thereof. Also, the different forms of communication, Druid network IO cards together with the Druid controller, and the software used for PC computer interaction.

Module 4: Understanding of animal management and control

This module will introduce you to permanent and portable agricultural electric fencing including agri posts, fence wire, ropes, tapes and all fence accessories as well as Agri energizers (mains, battery and/or solar powered).

Module 5: Certificate of compliance (COC)

The South African Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 requires that any new electric fence installed needs a Certificate of Compliance (COC). In order to issue an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance, an installer needs to complete a registered EWSETA-approved course which will enable the installer to issue a COC. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is an assessment that takes your past and current experiences and learnings into account. The RPL assessment process offered by the Nemtek Training Academy will allow a candidate to prove competency through a portfolio of evidence (POE), and a practical assessment is performed in front of a certified EWSETA assessor.

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