Equine Fencing For Your Horses’ Safety

How does Equine Fencing Keep Your Horses Safe

equine fencingKeeping horses is a joy in itself. They are powerful and majestic animals, not to mention intelligent and playful. They are also expensive to maintain, so keeping them safe is a priority. Equine Fencing can work wonders in keeping your horses safe, both from themselves and from unwanted visitors. In this article below we explain how electric fences work and why they are a perfectly safe choice for protecting your horses and other animals.

The Psychology Behind Electrified Equine Fencing

Psychology is not just for humans. It is a science that is applicable to animals as well, especially intelligent animals like horses. That means that certain behavioural principles that apply to humans can also be used to predict and manage the behaviour of animals. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the phenomenon of operant conditioning.

Operant conditioning is a process by which behaviours are learned from interacting with the environment. In other words, the tendency to perform a specific action is either strengthened or weakened based on the consequences of that action. It is easy to see how that principle applies to the use of an electric fence. In this case, the specific type of operant conditioning is “punishment”, which simply means that an animal that touches the electric fence will learn that it creates a negative feeling or sensation, so it will avoid touching the fence in the future. It is important to note that the “punishment” we refer to does not entail any abuse to your horses for poor behaviour, but simply discouraging a specific behaviour (touching a fence or venturing into a specific area) by implementing mild negative consequences.

Equine Fencing Is Designed To Be Safe

Your horses won’t be harmed should they come into contact with a properly installed electrified fence. The fence’s current is normally only strong enough to deliver a sharp jolt and cause a brief period of discomfort, which is intended to prevent repeated attempts of touching or going near the fence. Because the possibility will always exist that your horse, other animals, or even humans may touch the fence (either unknowingly or on purpose), the fence cannot by nature be deadly. It may take more than one attempt of touching the fence to discourage such an action, so you don’t want to cause serious injury during either attempt. You want your fence to be a safety barrier, not an expensive liability.

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