Solar Panels For Your Electric Fence

How To Install Solar Panels For Your Electric Fence 

If you are considering getting solar panels for your electric fence, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we cover the benefits of acquiring solar panels as part of your electric fence installation and also provide an overview of what you can expect when installing the panels+ yourself.

Why You Need Solar Power For Your Electric Fence In South Africa

solar panels for electric fencingYou might be surprised to learn that an electric fence does not consume a lot of power. According to some estimates, the average home’s monthly bill will increase by as little as R15, but this amount may increase for larger houses. The advantage of installing solar panels for your electric fence is not just to save electricity (and only make a negligible difference in your electric bill), but also to keep it powered when you need it to stay charged (such as during load-shedding or other unexpected blackouts).

There is no indication that crime is declining in South Africa. In fact, statistics show that several crime types—including house invasions—saw an increase during the 2021–2022 period. While these increases may be concerning, they also emphasise how crucial it is to make sure that the fundamental security measures you install around your home—including electric fencing—are operational round-the-clock. Installing a solar unit can help keep your fence powered during load-shedding, which is when many opportunistic criminals tend to strike.

An Overview Of Solar Panel Installation 

The installation guide below is by no means a comprehensive set of instructions that will make you an electric fence installer overnight. It merely provides an overview of what you can expect in terms of solar panel installation and what you will need. Detailed instructions can be found in the brochures and documentation of specific solar units.

Note that before starting any work on your fence, you must make sure it is turned off. Even though electric fencing is generally designed to be safe, you are still working with live electrical parts, so you must ensure they are inert before using them.

Electric Fencing Solar Installation Overview:

  1. Calculate the total load of your electric fence. This is done to ensure you purchase the correct solar panel components before installing them. See the full list of calculations to be made on page 18 of this document.
  2. Choose the right battery. The majority of energy in an electric fence comes from your main power source, however, there may be instances when that supply is interrupted and a backup power supply is required.
  3. Install a solar regulator. This component converts the output from the solar panels into usable energy for the fence. The panels and battery will have to be connected to the regulator before you reactivate the system. Safety tip: use shorter connecting cables for higher efficiency and lower shortage risk.
  4. Test the voltage of the fence to ensure it is working properly before you restore power completely.

Still Need Help?

If you need assistance with installing solar panels for your electric fence, do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask one of our certified installers. Another option to consider is enrolling for one of our basic installation courses and getting familiar with the basics of electric fence installation. Contact us for more information.