What You Need To Know About Nemtek’s Electric Fence Training

What You Need To Know About Nemtek’s Electric Fence Training electric fence training

Upskilling oneself is always a smart move, whether you’re picking up a new talent or brushing up on an old one. For instance, if you work as an electrician, you can improve your skills by taking electric fence training to learn how to install electric fences effectively and safely. Nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals for self-improvement, but it’s crucial to finish your training at the correct institution.

A List Of Nemtek’s Courses

Nemtek is a well-known manufacturer of cutting-edge electric fence solutions both domestically and internationally. We understand the demand for proactive electric fence solutions and have identified the need for quality training courses to be provided to electric fence installers and technicians alike. Nemtek offers a variety of courses aimed at electric fence training to either help you build on the abilities and knowledge you already possess or to train you from scratch. This allows prospective applicants to apply for each of our courses separately, but some do require that you have already completed previous modules and have prior practical experience before you can advance to the next course.

Electric Fence Training Courses:

  1. Module 1: Electric Fence Installation, Hardware and Introduction to Energizers
  2. Module 2: Energizers and Programming
  3. Module 3: Electric Fencing and Networking (In-Depth)
  4. Module 4: Animal Management and Control
  5. Module 5: Certificate of Compliance

Are Nemtek’s Electric Fence Training Courses Recognised?

Your efforts should always be rewarded. This is why it is essential to complete your training at an accredited institution where the training courses themselves are also accredited. Nemtek is accredited with EWSETA as a Skills Development Provider, and this ensures that your training complies with current industry standards, and that our programmes rigorously follow EWSETA’s quality assurance processes.

Modules 1 to 4 of our training courses aim to educate candidates on industry/product-specific topics to further develop their skills and successfully explore new business opportunities, and our Module 5 programme enables us to facilitate and award candidates with a Certificate of Compliance (COC) upon successful completion of the programme.

Such a qualification will serve as proof that you have completed your training at an accredited institution and that you are compliant with the latest Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Completing the first four modules will get you a Certificate of Completion. We will conduct evaluations to see if you can move on to the following set of courses or if you require further help before we can issue any certificates. If you finish a course but fail the assessment, you will not be given a certificate.

Apply Now

Each module has a restricted number of seats and is only facilitated on specific dates. To avoid disappointment, visit our training calendar and book your spot today. We offer classroom-based courses at a few locations throughout the country, and some of our courses through online self-study or virtual classrooms. Any applicable course material or other required preparations will be sent to candidates via email, prior to commencing any of the training programmes.

We’d like to welcome you to our next available training days and hope to provide you with the best skills and knowledge to further your trade, and yourself. If you require additional information about any of our courses, complete the following enquiry form.