Why You Need Equine Electric Fencing

Why You Need Equine Electric Fencing

equine electric fencingHorses are majestic animals. They are powerful and intelligent creatures, but these characteristics can be both a blessing and a curse. Horses know how strong and smart they are and will often use those attributes to test boundaries around them. If (or when) a horse manages to escape and gets the refreshing taste of pure freedom, it will often try to run away and will be difficult to capture. Recapturing and relocating a horse can be a difficult task, especially if the horse has no desire or incentive to return on its own. It is therefore crucial to ensure that their paddocks and pastures are properly secured.

Equine electric fencing can help you secure your horses in more ways than one. Unfortunately, a horse’s desire for freedom is not the only reason to use electrified fences to protect it. There are other dangers in Australia, such as horse rustlers and poachers, not to mention the occasional dingo with a taste for foal meat. Equine electric fencing can thus be used to both protect horses from themselves and to keep them safe from threatening external elements.

How Equine Electric Fencing Works To Protect Your Horses 

Now that you know why equine electric fencing is necessary for the protection of your horses and other livestock, it is time to examine how you can implement it on your farm or ranch. It is important to remember that electrified fences are not actually meant to harm anyone or anything, especially the people and animals they are supposed to protect. Electrified fences are only supposed to serve as physical barriers that discourage any attempt at crossing them. The fact that they are non-lethal is a feature of the product.

As we mentioned before, horses are smart. You do not have to worry about your horse accidentally electrocuting itself just so you can keep it from galloping into the great outdoors. Electrified fences have just enough “kick” to ensure that any curious human or animal who dares touch it will learn a simple lesson very quickly. Anything that touches the fence will feel pain for a brief moment and will then realise that touching it again is not a good idea. There have even been unconfirmed reports of horses being able to “sense” when an electrified fence is activated, which means they will usually give it a much wider berth than with a regular fence where they would feel comfortable standing right up against it.

The Best Place To Acquire Equine Electric Fencing

Protecting your horses (and other livestock) is as easy as purchasing the right products and making sure you purchase them from a reputable seller. While electrified fences are easy to install and generally safe to be around, there is still an element of risk involved. It’s your life and your livelihood at stake, so the choice you make is more important than you may think.

Nemtek’s solutions are affordable, which means you won’t have to commit to purchasing a certain acreage of electrified fence products if you only need to protect a small paddock or a specific area on your farm. With over 30 years in the industry, we also understand the importance of safety. When you choose Nemtek, you are choosing a brand you can trust.

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