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It’s Time To Upgrade Your Existing Electric Fence Hardware

Crime does not sleep. It also does not respect private property. We can however take steps to either make it more difficult or to discourage such invasions of property in the first place. There are many ways in which this can be done, but a common (and cost effective) method in South Africa is the use of an electric security fence. It adds an additional layer of security to your property, keeping unwanted guests out and helping you feel safer. This article will examine the use of this kind of hardware technology in protecting your property.

Adding another layer of security

electric fence hardwareThe electric fence is a simple, yet effective, piece of hardware that can enhance the physical security of most properties. In most cases, only a single barrier, like a brick wall, stands between the outside world and your property, making entry relatively easy. With an electric security fence and the right kind of hardware installed, this barrier effectiveness can be improved. Electrified fences are thus a great cost-effective solution for people who want to protect their property.

Like any barrier, electrified fencing works as a deterrent by discouraging people (and animals) from attempting to cross it or to break through, and thus serves as both a physical and a psychological barrier. It is a physical barrier in that it creates an obstacle with direct physical feedback (a non-lethal electric shock) and it serves as a psychological barrier in the sense that people and animals associate it with danger and thus become discouraged to attempt to circumvent it.

Get Your Electric Fence Hardware From Nemtek

electric fence hardware sCriminals find new ways to bypass electric fence hardware all the time, but we are also constantly learning how to counter the techniques they use. These techniques can range from basic mechanical adjustments like ensuring the wiring has enough tension and the energisers are functioning appropriately, to more advanced changes like adding our Dual Action Tension Sensors (DATS) to a new or existing fence. These sensors can be retrofitted onto most electric security fences to prevent intruders from pushing down on your fence or attempting to separate the wires. Nemtek can advise you on any adjustments that need to be made, so give us a call.

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