Electric Fencing Lightning Protection

Electric fencing lightning protection products and features from Nemtek

Lightning is pretty to watch but can be devastating if it strikes your property and renders your electrical devices, including your energizer and electric fence, non-operational.single pole lightning protection

The good news for your electric fence is that all Nemtek Energizers have extensive lightning protection built into the units to help reduce the possibility of damage caused by lightning strikes. By adding an additional external lightning protector, which by law you are required to have, you will reduce the likelihood of a power surge coming through the fence wires to the energizer.


Double Pole Lightning Inhibitor

double pole lightning protectionThe Nemtek Double pole lightning inhibitor and diverter offers a two pronged approach. Firstly in inhibits the lightning surge from damaging the energizers and secondly it diverts any lightning surge away from the energizers into the ground through the earth spikes. You will require one lightning inhibitor and diverter for a single zone security energizer, and two lightning inhibitor and diverters for a dual zone energizer.

Protection from surges coming through the mains as opposed to the fence is also available from Nemtek.


Built-in lightning inhibitor, inhibits lightning from getting to the energizer.
Built-in lightning diverter, diverts the lightning from the energizer into the earth spikes
External cover and stainless steel components for use outdoors near the fence
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