Enhance Your Credentials in 2023 With Electric Fence Training From Nemtek Training Academy

Enhance Your 2023 Plans With Electric Fence Training From Nemtek Training Academy

2023 is well underway, and there is still ample opportunity to explore skills and trades to further benefit your existing skillset. Nemtek Training Academy is one such entity that can assist you in upskilling yourself and that teaches valuable knowledge and insights pertaining to electric fence installation.

Nemtek Training Academy for electric fence training

Why You Should Consider Nemtek Training Academy

A working electric fence has inherent value. It can keep someone’s property safe from intruders and can also be used to safeguard animals and keep livestock from wandering outside of the perimeter. With such value comes a simple fact: electric fences need to be installed and maintained by a qualified technician. If you think this skill set may become redundant in the future, think again as it is highly unlikely; especially considering that there will always be a demand for new electric fences to be installed, maintained and even upgraded. Many individuals prefer not to carry or even attempt such technical tasks by themselves, hence they rely on the expertise of someone who is accredited and specialises in electric fence installation.

Even if you just want to upskill yourself, our modules will be beneficial in helping you understand how electric fences work, what their various components are, how they operate together, and how to install electric fences safely and according to local regulations. If you are an electrician or other technician who works with electrical equipment, our courses will help you obtain a more marketable skillset in addition to the ones you may already possess.

How The Nemtek Training Academy Courses Work

Our courses take the form of structured modules, each covering a different aspect of electric fencing. For example, Module 1 offers an overview of the installation process and introduces applicants to security energizers, and each module thereafter compliments the previously completed one, while Module 5 as the final module in our course encompasses the Certificate of Compliance and the preparation process leading up to it.

Not only will attendees get acquainted with the technical intricacies of electric fence installation but will also learn about networking system solutions and even animal management and control.

Classes are presented in seminars and can be done either online through virtual presentations or in person at one of our nationwide dedicated training spaces. Not all modules can be conducted online (and vice versa), so make sure your chosen module is also available in your chosen format. It is also important to note that all modules have prerequisites that need to be met before you can apply.

How To Sign Up

All you need to do to sign up for a module is to head to our Training Calendar page and use the filters provided to find a module that suits both your training and location requirements. Once you find a module you are interested in, you can either add it to your cart and pay for it immediately, or you can apply for it, the latter of which will require a pre-assessment questionnaire to be completed to determine whether or not the module is right for you.

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