Perimeter Light Control Module

The Perimeter Light Control Module works in conjunction with a 12VDC power supply, such as the Nemtek 2Amp Power Pack. This Control Module converts the 12VDC input power to 24VDC output power to drive the LED lights and also controls how the lights are turned off and on via inputs on the module.

Installer Manual for Perimeter Alarm Light


  • Lights can be triggered in three ways:
    • Energizer alarm trigger
    • Remote on and off
    • Day/night switch
  • Wet/dry contacts are configurable on the power-supply trigger module
  • Low-voltage cabling is run along the fence line to provide power to the lights


Weight 0.072 kg
Input voltage


Maximum input current consumption


Output voltage


Maximum output current

800mA* at 25°C

Maximum number of connected light modules

20 sets of lights (40 in total)

Maximum trigger input current consumption


Trigger input voltage

10 – 30VDC**

Number of trigger inputs

3 (configurable as wet or dry contacts)

Operating temperature

-20° to 50°C


3 x 3mm holes to mount inside Nemtek Power Pack 2Amp

Stock CodeDescription
SR-FL/24PCBPerimeter Light Control Module